Monday munchies: Mussels

With a bazillion places to get sushi in San Diego, it’s easy for some locals to overlook Harney - even though it’s a trailblazer in the sustainable seafood movement, has an undeniably cool vibe and majorly delicious Japanese fusion thing going on. Blame it on Old Town’s traffic-clogged streets and tourist mob scene; it just sounds like B.F.E. to those of us comfortably situated in our munchies accommodating neighborhoods.

Take my word for it: make a reservation and brave the scene. It’s not that bad, and any frustrations will melt into a puddle of love at first bite of the mussels appetizer.

There’s no shortage of mussels on San Diego menus, but few, if any in the history of mankind, have a broth as delicious as Harney’s. With a kimchi infused miso, loads of garlic and ginger, sesame seeds and citrus make a merry concoction that’s borderline intoxicating. The mussels plump up with this divine liquid, and it’s advised that you order additional bread.

Besides, mussels, inventive rolls really do make this a munchies paradise. Rediscover a classic the next time you’re hankering for something fresh that doesn’t compromise those cracked-out flavors you truly crave.

3964 Harney St., Old Town. (619) 295-3272 or

Source: DiscoverSD