Monday munchies: Magical chocolate malt


It’s therapeutic to feel like a kid again, especially on Mondays when annoying adult responsibilities call. After work, get inspired, unwind - whatever you want to call it -and head out for your next dose of medicine at Park & Rec and Royale with Cheese, where you can have your tots and dunk them, too, plus play games like corn hole and ping-pong in what feels like someone’s super-rad backyard.

If you were one of those kids who couldn’t resist dunking fries into chocolate shakes, then you are not alone. Maybe you still do it today, or would be interested in picking up where your 10-year-old self left off. Either way, The Slide at Park & Rec - a chocolate malt spiked with dark rum - and an order of Magical Mystery Tots from the food stand are highly recommended to complete your delicious trip back in time.

The tots themselves are super crunchy on the outside with perfect, hash brown-like centers and come dusted in some sort of crack-like seasoning that’s mostly salty and just a tad sweet. Dip those spuds into your boozy milkshake and get the best of both worlds - a tasty dose of nostalgia, with a buzz, on your next Monday Munchies adventure.

4612 Park Blvd., University Heights., (619) 795-9700.

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