Monday munchies: Lobster


Lobster probably isn’t the first, or even 10th choice on the list of things to eat when you have the munchies. It’s expensive, often sold in stuffy restaurants and generally reserved for special occasions. Even if you’re craving it really, really bad, chances are, its sweet flesh will remain in your dreams.

But in Coronado (of all places), at the classy, yet unpretentious Stake Chophouse & Bar, fantasy becomes reality in a bubbling, rich concoction that goes by the name of Molten Lobster Dip. As if you need any more convincing after a moniker like that, the dip, which is normally $20, is half off during happy hour.

Yep, everyday from 4:30-6:30 p.m., you too can get a taste of the high life in the Molten Lobster Dip that’s well worth the full price with generous hunks of Maine lobster in creamy sauce, sweet from Calabrian chilis. To make matters even richer, cheese curds are then broiled over the top. Stake isn’t stingy with its toast, either, so rest assured that even if two people are dipping, it won’t come down to a brawl for the last buttery bite.

1309 Orange Ave., Coronado.

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