Monday munchies: Getting into the swing of breakfast

Biscuits smothered in sausage gravy with over medium eggs and hash browns at the 19th Hole Cafe.

What’s more comforting than knowing you can eat biscuits with sausage gravy during the 4:20 power hour? Actually doing it, of course.

At Tobey’s 19th Hole Café, gazing at the sunset over Point Loma and the Coronado Bridge makes macking down on breakfast for dinner all the more rad here. And you won’t be forgetting your vegetables with the prospect of gulping down the tastiest Bloody Mary five bucks can buy.

Located at the Balboa Park Golf Course, the café is popular among geezer golfers, local musicians, hipsters, politicians, and anyone else who’s in the know of its bountiful breakfasts, including bodacious biscuits and gravy, or another house favorite - chicken fried steak and eggs with perfectly crisp hash browns.

But let’s be real. Besides the affordable comfort food here, The 19th Hole Café is lovably nostalgic. It’ll remind you of going out to breakfast with your grandparents when you were a kid, but better, because they didn’t drag you out of bed to get there, or let you order Bloody Marys once you were there.

The 19th Hole Café is open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, with last call for brekkie at 5 p.m. Perfect! 2600 Golf Course Drive, (619) 234-5921.

Source: DiscoverSD