Monday munchies: Frozen Mexican delights await


It feels like Florida outside this fall, and San Diegans are cranky about it. When it breaks 90 degrees in the city, your prey drive feels like the equivalent of a soggy French fry. So, what - do we have to wait ‘till winter to eat like fat kids again? Um, no. Until this hellish weather subsides, opt for a frozen treat instead the next time you have the munchies.

Neveria Tocumbo is a wonderful place, where a plethora of frozen Mexican delights await - whether you’re into all-natural fruit paletas (or popsicles, as gringos would call them), one of nearly 30 housemade ice creams, or perhaps a little something called a fresada - again, in gringo terms, what would be labeled a “strawberry slushy.”

Except that’s a pretty hick description for such a dynamic treat. Strawberries are first cut to order and then blended with ice; the refreshing drink also has a kick thanks to chamoy-the salty, sweet, sour fermented plum syrup that tastes exponentially better than it sounds - plus tamarind candy pieces, huge slices of strawberries and some Tajin chile salt on top.

Neveria Tocumbo is open from 9:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week. Once inside, you’ll grab a number and place your order when it’s called. At last, let your chilly feast ensue.

4686 Market St., Suite B7, Chollas View. (619) 264-0391.

Source: DiscoverSD