Monday munchies: Fresh fish, margaritas


Whatever you do, don’t let your dreams of swimsuits and six-pack abs keep you from indulging in the munchies. Yeah, maybe lay off the gravy fries till next winter, but do indulge in a flavorful, summer-time diet that includes plenty of tropical fruit, fish and refreshing drinks with maybe a splash of booze.

Dining in a Pacific Beach hotel might not sound like the obvious choice, but once you cozy up to a firepit with passion fruit margarita in hand at Oceana Coastal Kitchen, everything will start making sense. The recent addition to Catamaran Resort Hotel is literally within ice-cube chucking distance of Mission Bay - though, we would never condone such a thing, because warm margaritas are a crime against humanity. Just enjoy the waterfront view and lively boardwalk as you brace yourself for Chef Steven Riemer’s sesame seabass ceviche with its hunky cubes of fish, silky mango and bold heat from serrano pepper.

The one, two tropical punch of sweet and spicy seabass followed by a swig of passion fruit margarita is the real stuff summer dreams are made of. So don’t let the stand-up paddle-boarding, rollerblading, hard bodies of Pacific Beach get to you while lounging on Oceana’s patio, and if they do, then just order another margarita and know that you’re having the better time.

3999 Mission Blvd., Pacific Beach.

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