Monday munchies: Fish & Chips


Fish and chips cravings hit hard: It’s easy to imagine, and yearn for, the smell of crunchy fried batter and thick cut potatoes doused in malt vinegar. This classic combo-washed down with a smooth, English ale-never gets old.

The place to get your fix is Shakespeare Pub & Grille, owned by two British expats since 1990. It’s everything you’d expect and then some from an English-style pub-a dark wood interior, soccer and booze memorabilia, and waitresses whose English accents add a delightfully authentic touch to it all.

Only the brave (and intoxicated) attempt The Great White Whale Challenge, in which you must eat a two pound portion of fried fish, another two pounds of chips and a side of peas in less than 45 minutes. This challenge is serious business, and only counts if you can finish the plate single-handedly, without leaving your seat. For those who can’t stomach the sea monster-sized filet-a $24.95 bill and ridicule are imminent.

3701 India St., San Diego, (619) 299-0230

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Source: DiscoverSD