Monday munchies: Empanadas


At Papa Luna, a.k.a. the empanada masters, they cater to the special eater in all of us, you know, like back in college at 3 a.m. when leftover pizza and Chinese food combined in one genius mix. Except here, the engineering is a lot more dialed in, with pastry made to hold 3-times its weight in contents, all while maintaining a dough that is tender and flaky in your mouth.

Philly cheese steak ($3.75) and Thai chicken ($3.45) empanadas never tasted so good, because no one has ever dared to serve (and make from scratch) these combinations, which clearly cater to a-typical appetites and urges.

The Philly is filled with tender pieces of steak and grilled onions in molten cheddar cheese sauce. The second empanada, more like a Thai chicken pot pie thanks to its peanut sauce-like gravy, was packed with hunks of white meat, shredded carrots, cilantro and peanut slivers. Don’t miss the addictive pico or chimichurri salsas for an herb-packed punch to spoon on with each bite.

Pacific Beach: 1404 Garnet Ave. 858-255-8875 Downtown: 1050 Columbia St. 619-236-8400

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