Monday Munchies: El Gallito Torta


There are few sandwiches in San Diego that can compete with the namesake of El Gallito Tortas Ahogadas. Be sure to visit the stationary food truck, located in a Toys “R” Us parking lot, with your appetite at its most beastly, because this torta - with its roasted, shredded pork loin, refried beans, dense Guadalajara bread and chile de arbol sauce - is deserving of your utmost gastro-worship.

Yeah, the scene here is a tad unorthodox by sandwich shop standards, but don’t be shy: cozy up at the couple of tables available after ordering your drowned sandwich choosing your level of hotness on a scale of 1-10. Pro tip: They’re all hot, so proceed with caution, oh tender palates.

Though the sandwich is served with a fork and spoon, the latter for sipping, the delicious porky-sauce as you go, the way to eat this torta is by picking it up and downing it as fast as possible - lest you wind up with a soggy mess on your hands.

It’s messy, but worth every dribble. There’s no better interpretation of this Mexican classic anywhere else in town - correct me if I’m wrong. El Gallito might not be the ideal spot for a first date, but after just one visit, you’ll know it’s the place to bring the people you love the most.

1008 Industrial Blvd., Chula Vista. 619-397-9650.

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