Monday munchies: Donut ice cream sandwich


It’s good to indulge your dark side. Saying no over and over will only make you snap and do something worse in the long run. Like the voices that kick in when you’re in the same neighborhood as your favorite donut shop. Listen to them. Let them guide you.

Christy’s Donuts in Point Loma isn’t my favorite place for donuts, but it’s a sure fire- place to entertain my inner demons with something a bit more extreme: a donut ice cream sandwich.

There’s something nostalgic and magical that happens when you pair two things you were only allowed one of as a kid. Stick it to your parents and their rules with two scoops of ice cream nestled in a chocolate bar donut. It’s a thrilling under five dollar venture, if ever there was one.

The next time you consider lighting up a cigarette, go the donut ice cream sandwich route instead, which is arguably the healthier of the two options.

3710 Voltaire St., Point Loma, 619-224-0502.

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