Monday munchies: Dietary rehab


Food abuse is real, and sometimes, dietary rehab is the only answer. Be kind to yourself during this difficult time and stay away from Instagram, lest images of cheesy nachos rub salt in your wounded GI tract. Equally torturous is the prospect of plain rice, or oatmeal for dinner; so instead, take your bandaged belly over to Mignon Pho + Grill, where flavor-packed health food is guaranteed to scratch your munchies itch, just when your weakened state had you believing that it couldn’t be done.

The moo-moo shrimp is a sure start to an upswing: a skewer of plump shellfish and well-seasoned steak tops rice noodles with a light fish sauce vinaigrette served on the side. In the mix are toasted peanuts and shallots, the crunch of chilled bean sprouts and bursts of fresh mint adding welcome, refreshing touches.

Wash it down with an organic lychee and rose white tea, or, depending on your gut’s state of despair, one of many craft beers on tap. Best of all, just about everything on the menu is under $10, with another standout being the pineapple spring rolls, served alongside a hot and sour dipping sauce made with the same fruit.

This restaurant is a sanctuary fit for the Lindsay Lohans and Andy Dicks of food junkies. If you’re desperately in need of a break from life’s delicious vices, but bore to tears at the thought of a 12-step-probiotic program, Mignon Pho is the cure to what ails.

3860 Convoy Street, Kearny Mesa. (858) 278-0669.

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