Monday munchies: Cuban’s tropical goodness


Mondays aren’t much fun unless you’re playing hooky. This historical fact coupled with frenzied holiday preparations means that Thanksgiving - aka the one and only judgment-free day for binge eaters - cannot come soon enough.

For temporary relief, try spite-eating the Ropa Vieja Dip from Embargo Grill. Not only does this Cuban twist on a French dip taste great, but digging into its juicy, pot roast-like goodness really makes you feel like you’re sticking it to all those meatless Monday kooks out there. In other words, this sandwich is the gastro equivalent of a warm, comforting embrace right about now.

The bread comes perfectly crunchy on the outside, with a soft center that absorbs the beefy juice as it combines with garlic aioli, melted Swiss cheese, and jerk sauce infused au jus for spicy dipping. Ringing in at $8.25, it’s enough to feed two average diners, which means that chances are, if you’re reading this column, you’ll need one of your very own.

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Source: DiscoverSD