Monday munchies: Chocolate chip cookies

Hankering for a dose of medicine in the form of the good ol’ days? Flash back and feel the warm embrace of your youth, like your momma’s choco chip cookies used to evoke - except double their height, girth and thereby radness at this La Jolla bakery. 1660 Faye Ave., Suite 1, La Jolla. (858) 274-1733 or (/ Amy T. Granite)

The munchies don’t always drive us to pursue wacky or intense flavor combinations. Sometimes, it’s the simple things, like treats Mom used to make, that are utterly irresistible.

Take, for instance, cookies and milk. You know, just a good ole’ All-American classic like chocolate chip. Nothing fancy, and it is as delicious as you remember it from childhood.

At Sugar & Scribe Bakery, two “double thick” chocolate chip cookies come in a $3 package. At first glance, the stout treats look like little hockey pucks, but once you take a bite, their soft, crumbly texture-with cavernous pockets where chocolate chips have since melted away-proves otherwise.


It’s buttery, rich and a little too easy to over eat. Cutting through a second cookie to better understand its wonder, you can see the just-done core is a shade darker than the rest, slightly moist, and clearly baked to perfection.

1420 Garnet Ave., Pacific Beach. 858- 274-1733 or

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