Monday munchies: Chinese-style chicken wings

Righteous wings, salt and pepper style, from Golden Chopsticks Restaurant in National City. (Amy T. Granite)

Crunchy, juicy, salty chicken wings - is there better snack food on planet earth?

If your answer is yes, then clearly you haven’t ripped through an order of salt and pepper wings from Golden Chopsticks Restaurant in National City. These wings have soared to legendary status over the years, luring in-the-know carnivores to the South Bay for wingettes and drumettes that have unreal crispy batter, succulent meat, and a simple garnish of sautéed garlic, green onion and chili flake.

And because of their mutant coating, these fried treats actually travel well - which is a big-time bonus if you, like me, prefer to get down with your food from the privacy of your couch or bed. All you need is elastic waistband pants, a will to live, and this ultimate vice from Golden Chopsticks for a winning chicken dinner date - solo, or with your slothy boo.

For those who like to share - and outshine hosts at their own parties - call ahead for platters of these unmistakably divine Chinese-style wings, available in orders of 50 or 100. Open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

1430 E. Plaza Blvd., suite 23-A, National City. 619-336-1888.

Source: DiscoverSD