Monday munchies: Chicago-style pizza


It’s a fact: There is too much pizza in San Diego. But, as the saying goes... you can never have too much pizza. Right?

The main problem though, is that when you really want, err, need pizza, the sheer magnitude of choices is crippling. So what then, would make a vegetable packed slice of pie so appealing?

Meet Popeye, a best seller at Regents Pizzeria (4150 Regents Park Row, Suite 170, La Jolla). Inside the dense, buttery, Chicago-style crust is just the right balance of artichoke hearts, spinach, ricotta and parmesan cheeses. With marinara sauce coating its top layer, this pie is a heavy hitter that-thankfully-you can buy by the slice, scarf down on Regents patio, and flee the scene like it never happened.

Actually, a slice this bulky will take some time. Settle in and savor this freak of culinary nature that stays sturdy from first bite to last. That’s right-no forks or knives necessary here.

Pair Popeye with a craft beer, or screw it, another slice. There’s also New York-style for the thin-crust enthusiasts out there; soppresseta replaces pepperoni for this next-best choice.

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Source: DiscoverSD