Monday munchies: Cheeseburger


Nothing says f#%$ it-as in, to hell with nutritional guidelines-quite like a 2/3 pound cheeseburger from Harbor Town Pub in Point Loma. The equally delicious and gorgeous Dub Town ($11.95) comes with two 1/3 pound patties, grilled onions and house sauce in between a sturdy brioche bun. You’ll want to add cheese because dietary restraint is for sissies.

Despite its towering appearance, this burger is about as minimalist as they come. With so few distractions, it’s all about that charbroiled, flavorful meat. Some like to turn their burgers into a zoo with items like duck egg and pork belly, but if you have the munchies, nothing is more satisfying than something delicious with a dash of nostalgia.

As juices spill from the flame-licked beef and melty cheese tickles its way down your throat, one can’t help but think of backyard barbeques from years passed. Harbor Town Pub actually uses grilled onions to their advantage, whereas most places load up burgers with these flavor-trampling bullies. The same goes for the house sauce: It’s added seasoning that plays nice by blending in with the dish, making it great as a whole. It needs nothing else but your stoned determinism.

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