Monday munchies: Carnitas pancakes


Generally speaking, when the munchies strike, you’ve got a decision to make: Will it be sweets or savories to quell your beastly desires?

That is, of course, unless you’re at La Puerta, a bad-ass downtown tequila bar, if ever there was one. Here, you can have your pancakes and eat carnitas, too, for breakfast, lunch or late-night dinner. That’s right; three perfect fluffy pancakes topped with rich shredded pork - aka the stuff your doctor’s nightmares are made of - capped off with sides of maple syrup and clarified butter.

But it’s Ok, doc doesn’t have to find out about any of this, particularly the clarified butter that you poured all over the meaty breakfast in good taste. After love at first bite, you’ll wonder why you ever wondered, or hesitated, about this ingenious combination.

Dining on the sidewalk-facing patio here, passers-by will stop in their tracks to gawk... is that what I think it is? Yes! So what’s the hold up? Heaven, without any judgment, awaits right through La Puerta.

560 Fourth Ave., (619) 696-3466.

Source: DiscoverSD