Monday munchies: Barbeque burritos and beer

BBQ burrito with pulled pork and house fries with ham at BBQ House. (Amy T. Granite)

Does free entertainment get any better than people watching in Ocean Beach? The answer is yes, if you throw a pulled pork burrito and beer into the mix.

Weird is the theme at BBQ House, where you can sit on the front patio with your bastardized burrito and gawk at all that Newport has to offer in passing street musicians, dogs strapped to the front ends of bikes, and scantily clad hippy chicks.

Barbeque and burrito purists will have a hard time putting their head around the wacky, yet ingenious combination that includes your choice of meat, baked beans and creamy coleslaw. You’ll be asked if you want it mild, medium or hot, then that version of the sticky-sweet sauce is administered liberally. The whole thing is pretty messy to eat, but worth the fuss. If there was any doubt, the neighboring Chihuahua, sharing a burrito with its owner, cleared things right up.

The deliciousness of this concoction transcends species, therefore it doesn’t have to make sense. It just tastes good, especially in O.B.

5025 Newport Ave., Ocean Beach.

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