Meatless Monday: Veggie burger at Starlite


What is it? Veggie burger

Where is it from? Starlite

What’s in it? Housemade red lentil patty, fresh goat cheese and pickled red onion on a brioche bun

How much will it cost me? $13.50

Why we love it? This selection is on Starlite’s late dining menu, which is served up Sunday through Thursday from 10 p.m. to midnight. We love that we can grab a late-night snack that’s both veggie-friendly and made with care. The homemade red lentil veggie patty is flavorful and provides a nice texture with filling ingredients. It is somewhat rare to get a quality veggie burger late at night -- typically the best you can find is a previously-frozen Gardenburger.

The fresh goat cheese and pickled onion here pair perfectly together with the aoili that is provided on the side of the dish. The bun wasn’t the style of “brioche” that we expected, but it was a tasty late-night find regardless. This dish is perfect if you’re out in Little Italy bar hopping, hungry after a Casbah show or just looking to grab a few drinks and food somewhere intimate.

3175 India St., Little Italy.

Source: DiscoverSD