Meatless Monday: Wheat berry risotto from Tasting Room Del Mar


A weekly feature highlighting tasty vegetarian-friendly dishes from restaurants across San Diego County.

Today’s recommendation:

What is it? Wheat berry risotto

Where’s it from? Tasting Room Del Mar

What’s in it? Wheat berry risotto sauteed with beet butter, parsnip puree, English peas, sous vide parsnip and carrot, charred spring onion and pea vines.

How much will it cost me? $18

Why we love it: If you’re craving something hearty that won’t leave you feeling bloated or heavy, we recommend this menu option from Tasting Room Del Mar. The wheat berry risotto is filled with seasonal veggies, such as English peas and pea vines, on a bed of chewy wheat berry risotto. The sous vide (a method of steaming) carrots and parsnips add a crunchy yet soft-centered texture to the dish that complement the risotto and peas well, while still standing out on their own. The best part, though, in our opinion, is the lovely beet butter that sits atop the risotto. Beets are very much the “it” veggie right now, and this butter offers a wonderful color and a flavor that is both sweet and savory. The variety of flavors and textures in this week’s pick make the wheat berry risotto a meatless dish you don’t want to miss out on.



435 Camino Del Mar, Suite D, Del Mar.