Meatless Monday: Spicy broccolini from Cafe Gratitude

What is it? “Bright,” a sauteed spicy broccolini dish

Where is it from? Cafe Gratitude, Little Italy

What’s in it? Braised broccolini, marinated tempeh crisps, red chili flakes and avocado cream

How much will it cost me? $11.50

Why we love it? Broccolini is a veggie that we love to have alongside other foods, but rarely does it stand strongly as a dish in itself. The braised broccolini in this dish is topped with fresh, spicy red chili flakes and a house-made avocado cream, helping to add some additional texture and rich flavors that round out the “bright” meal. The addition of marinated tempeh crisps is the perfect touch, making it a complete, protein-filled meal.

1980 Kettner Blvd., Little Italy.

Side note: the restaurant is turning one and celebrating with a one-year-anniversary party this weekend. Get the details here.

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Source: DiscoverSD