Meatless Monday: Sol Cal Café’s baked sweet potato


What is it? Loaded sweet potato

Where is it from? Sol Cal Cafe

What’s in it? Sweet potato, chili, sautéed kale, garlic and cilantro, topped with cashew cream drizzle

How much will it cost me? $11.95

Why we love it? Nothing compares to the comfort of eating a delicious, warm, baked potato. We love this dish because it doesn’t skimp on the down-home feel, yet it adds a new-age twist. There’s still garlic and cilantro, but instead of collard greens, the dish is packed with sautéed kale. The cashew cream drizzle adds that necessary sauce to the potato with a flavorful, nutty-taste that we adore. All-in-all, we’ll take this over a standard baked potato any day.

Sol Cal Cafe, 910 J St., East Village.

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Source: DiscoverSD