Meatless Monday: Raviolis maison from Bleu Bohème

What is it? Raviolis maison

Where is it from? Bleu Bohème

What’s in it? Shiitake and oyster mushroom raviolis, sauteed fresh spinach and tomato relish with herb sauce

How much will it cost me? $24.95

Why we love it? One of our all-time favorite pasta dishes has to be raviolis, typically stuffed with more flavor than the average pasta dish.

The raviolis maison dish at Bleu Bohème is a stand-out choice. It’s made with both shiitake and oyster mushrooms, sauteed spinach and cheese and topped with a fresh tomato relish and a fine herb sauce. It hits all the marks of our ideal ravioli: handmade pasta, quality veggies and a not-too-heavy, creamy sauce. The best part? It’s veggie friendly, and you don’t even miss the meat. The two different types of mushrooms combine and create a meat-like texture, adding just enough variety to keep the dish interesting.

Bleu Bohème, 4090 Adams Ave., Kensington.

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