Meatless Monday: Garlic roasted Brussels sprouts

What is it? Garlic roasted Brussels sprouts

Where is it from? Ballast Point, Little Italy

What’s in it? Crispy Brussels sprouts, poached egg and house kimchi. (We omitted the pancetta.)

How much will it cost me? $11

Why we love it? Brussels sprouts are so in right now, and for good reason. You can roast ‘em, season ‘em and pair them with tons of other veggies for an extremely satisfying, tasty meal that is full of health benefits.

This pick is a stand-out because it offers a unique, Korean-take that spices up the traditional American vegetable. We love the poached egg for some extra texture and a “sauce” of sorts atop the garlic-tossed Brussels. It is the housemade kimchi that really takes the show here. Kimchi is known for being full of good-for-your-gut bacteria, which adds to the healthiness of the dish, but what we enjoy most is the pickled, tangy taste that kicks the dish up a notch. Simply omit the pancetta and you have a quality, veggie-friendly meal.

2215 India St., Little Italy.

Source: Discover SD