Meatless Monday: Butternut squash ravioli from Bankers Hill Bar + Restaurant


A weekly feature highlighting tasty vegetarian-friendly dishes from restaurants across San Diego County.


What is it? Butternut squash ravioli

Where’s it from? Bankers Hill Bar + Restaurant

What’s in it? Butternut squash ravioli, sauteed mushrooms, shaved Brussels sprouts, spiced walnuts and a Parmesan-porcini cream sauce

How much will it cost me? $22

Why we love it: Is it just me, or is ravioli one of the most underrated food dishes in the pasta family? A well-done ravioli pasta dish is hard to beat, especially when it’s made with tons of delicious flavors and veggies. Yep, the rich, winter vegetables really take the stage here, including soft, roasted butternut squash, shaved Brussels sprout salad and mushrooms. The ‘shrooms are sauteed perfectly; they’re slightly chewy, flavorful and act as a meaningful part of the meal, alongside the creamy Parmesan-porcini sauce. There is a slight crunch in the dish that we love, too, from the seemingly out-of-place (until you try it) spiced walnuts. With a house-made, squash-stuffed pasta as the center of this delicious meal, this is a don’t-miss meat-free dish that satisfies the taste buds.


2202 Fourth Ave., Bankers Hill.