Meatless Monday: Apricot glazed cauliflower from Cusp Dining & Drinks


What is it? Apricot glazed crispy cauliflower

Where is it from? Cusp Dining & Drinks in La Jolla

What’s in it? Crispy cauliflower topped with an apricot glaze, marinated and charred veggie cous cous with a chimichurri yogurt sauce.

How much will it cost me? $19

Why we love it? A substantial and satisfying all-veggie dish isn’t impossible to find, but it is hard to come by. This is one of those dishes. The thick apricot glaze atop crispy cauliflower is sweet, savory and a treat in itself. The decision to add vegetable cous-cous that is slightly charred and a flavorful, homemade chimichurri yogurt sauce makes it next-level delicious. We love how the flavors play together in the healthy, yet filling dish.

7955 La Jolla Shores Dr., La Jolla.

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Source: DiscoverSD