April showers bring May flower-inspired ice creams

Since opening in Little Italy at the beginning of the year, the shop has been serving up some interesting flavor profiles.

They have scoops featuring local breweries like the Hopped Orange Creamsicle made with Modern Times’ Thermometer Island barrel-aged Saison dosed with blood oranges. Last month it was kid-inspired flavors, such as Lots a’ Naco with cheddar cheese ice cream, tomato jam, candied tortilla chips and avocado fudge.

Now April showers have made way for May’s flower-inspired ice creams from co-founder and head ice cream maker Tyler Malek.

For the entire month, the Little Italy scoop shop will feature scoops highlighting such ingredients as anise, wildflower honey, elderberry and rose petal. The five flavor offerings will include:

Roasted Crumble with Toasted Anise

Vanilla bean ice cream layerd with rhubarb jam and studded with fresh-baked anise crumble for a crunchy, floral finish.

Wildflower Honey with Ricotta Walnut Lace Cookies

Honey ice cream with ricotta, tart lemon and pieces of homemade oat and walnut lace cookies frosted with buttery ricotta icing make for a refreshing, sweet and subtly rich treat.

Orange Blossom Sorbet with Edible Flowers

A bright and fruity sorbet made from organic blossoms, fresh-pressed orange juice, Tahitian vanilla and a dash of black pepper topped with an edible bouquet of peonies, borages, begonias and nasturtiums.

The Loose Leaf Wild Elderberry Tea

A naturally blue-hued ice cream with The Loose Leaf’s Ultimate Elderberry tea, candied elderberries and dried blueberries.

Chocolate Rose Petal

Fresh rose petal ice cream accented by a fudge mole with prickly pears, cinnamon, cherry and anise.