Local food rules at CRSSD Festival

When you’re at an all-day festival, time seems to fly by while you dance to your favorite artists’ sets. So, it’s crucial for there to be some great grub to get you through the long day of fun and help you avoid that inevitable hangover.

At this year’s CRSSD Festival on Oct. 10-11 at Waterfront Park, there will be plenty of local options that are sure to fill you up and keep you groovin’.

Bang Bang

With so many epic specialty sushi rolls and appetizers to choose from, you really can’t go wrong here. Bringing Bang Bang to Waterfront Park couldn’t be more fitting. I mean, what goes better with watching some alternative, electronic music than eating raw fish from this hip restaurant? Enjoy fresher-than-fresh creative rolls like the “Hello Kitty” with spicy tuna, shrimp tempura and avocado, wrapped in pink soy paper, topped with bay scallops, tempura flakes and served with eel sauce and house chili aioli.

El Camino

El Camino is home to some of the tastiest tacos and burritos in Little Italy. Their mahi-mahi burrito stuffed with lettuce, black bean spread, veggies and cheesy filling or their al pastor taco, with marinated pork, topped with pineapple, cilantro and onion definitely hit the spot. They’ll be serving up many options at CRSSD Fest, providing that more filling, SD-style meal you may be looking for after dancing all day and night.

Juice Saves

The downtown juicers are all about the cold-pressed, fresh juice with an extra dose of flavor. We love the strawberry milk, which includes apples, strawberries and fresh coconut milk. Oh, and if you’re nursing yourself back from the first night of CRSSD for day two, get “The Hangover” which has coconut water, lime, cayenne, evening primrose, cilantro and magnesium powder. Basically, this juice is unique, locally-sourced and a smart addition to the options at the fest.

Rubicon Deli

Rubicon Deli is a very versatile sandwich shop with much more than a pastrami sub, although they have that, too. Options like the Whale’s Veg and the Rubicon special with house-roasted turkey, smoked Gouda, roasted red peppers, lettuce and house-made pesto mayo are what the locals love about this deli.

Sol Cal Café

Known for their supreme vegan eats, this health-conscious eatery will provide festival-goers with some wholesome and delicious meals to keep energy levels up. They offer killer acai bowls, veggie-filled salads, refreshing smoothies, green drinks and healthy wraps. This is definitely a go-to for those who crave optimum health while groovin’ to the live tunes.

Source: DiscoverSD