Lemon Grove Bakery set to be back in business

The restaurant group responsible for delivering Dunkin’ Donuts to San Diego County is also bringing back a beloved bakery to

Lemon Grove.

Burton Restaurants, LLC will open the Lemon Grove Bakery on Friday. The bakery used to be called Grove Pastry Shop and has been closed since November 2015.

Helen Ofield, president of the Lemon Grove Historical Society, said there will be a soft opening of the bakery from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. June 9 at 3308 Main St.

“People are really straining at the leash for this,” Ofield said. “There’s a poster on the door that says you can already order cakes (at It will be so wonderful to have it back.”

The bakery, housed in a historic 105-year-old Mission-style building near the giant lemon downtown, has been a Lemon Grove tradition for nearly 70 years.

The Grove Pastry Shop opened in 1947 on Broadway. The Ohlund family, immigrants from Sweden, bought it in 1955.

The Ohlunds owned and operated the shop from 1955 to 2002. In 1980, they moved the bakery into the city’s former 1912-built General Store at Main and Pacific streets, where it has remained since. The Ohlunds sold the bakery to Rick Rehan in 2002; Teresa Johnson bought it in 2005.

Interim manager Kimberly Harrison said when she was cleaning on Sunday and had the door open, several people walked up and asked when the bakery would be ready for business.

“When I told them Friday, one guy said, ‘What time on Friday? I want 3 dozen donuts!’” Harrison said.

Harrison said Jen McCurdy would be stepping in to manage the store once it was up and running.

“Jen plans to keep the lemon shortcake and strawberry whipped cream cakes and keep it as close as we can as far as cake goes to what people remember,” Harrison said.

The store will serve cakes, cupcakes, danishes, croissants and a variety of donuts.

Burton Restaurants last December opened Dunkin’ Donuts on East Plaza Boulevard in National City. It also has a store downtown San Diego at the Embassy Suites and has a presence on three local military sites.