Introducing Sashimi Sensations

Sashimi Sensations at Sabuku Sushi

An unlikely pairing of fish, fruit, cheese, and sake on one colorful platter that surpasses all expectations

The creative minds are stepping out of the box again at Sabuku, the sleek North Park sushi restaurant located on Adams Avenue. Applauded for their high-quality and innovative dishes that push the boundaries on how sushi can look and taste, the chefs are now rolling out something new just in time for spring. Guests can step in and order up Sashimi Sensations, an unlikely pairing of fish, fruit, cheese and sake on one colorful platter that surpasses all expectations.

Head Chef Zach Stofferahn created the concept from a desire to give guests something they’ve never seen before. While wine and cheese paired with fruits and breads are common, this new idea from Sabuku strikes a fish-forward chord that will startle and intrigue your taste buds.

Every week, they’ll change up the combinations. This week’s creation presents fresh Scottish salmon sashimi, so rich it almost literally melts in your mouth, paired with mascarpone cheese mixed with jalapeno, wrapped in avocado & topped with kaiware sprouts, slightly drizzled in a yuzu wasabi bin dressing , and served with lychees accompanied with a light & refreshing raspberry reduction. The paired sake, Yoshinogowa’s Winter Warrior offers a clean & complex, yet easy going sake, with a lush fruit forward nose followed with hints of tropical notes like gauva, resulting in a striking balance between the drink and the entrée.

In the coming weeks, several other unique combinations will grace the menu, such as tuna paired with sundried tomato and mozzarella, scallops with blood oranges and gouda, seared ahi paired with jalapeno and wensleydale apricot or yellowtail combined with pear and gorgonzola. Sabuku - where creative thinking not only survives, it thrives.