Hooked on Como Ceviche!

Press Release

A unique new eatery is making a big splash in San Diego’s East Village with locally sourced, internationally inspired ceviche. Como Ceviche! officially opened for business on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2016.

Como Ceviche! serves up pure and natural raw ingredients from the sea and land, expertly combined into medleys of color and flavor, that are irresistibly unique and unforgettably delicious.

While the menu features authentic ceviche dishes inspired by recipes from Peru, Mexico and Cuba, all of the fish at Como Ceviche! is responsibly sourced. Como Ceviche! customers are delighting in the freshest fish available while also supporting the on-going bounty from our oceans.

Como Ceviche! is a quality, fast-casual dining experience. Competitively-priced ceviche bowls and wraps are individually prepared by hand to enjoy in a bright, welcoming restaurant. Customers can also get orders to go, to enjoy at work, home, the beach or elsewhere.

Johan Engman and William Lopez are the co-founders of Como Ceviche! Engman owns the widely popular Fig Tree Cafés and Breakfast Republic restaurants and is the founder of Rise + Shine Restaurant Group, which will take Como Ceviche! under its umbrella.

Lopez is the owner and CEO of marketing communications firm Alternative Strategies, which currently represents an impressive list of 40 successful restaurants in San Diego. He has years of behind-the-scenes experience in the industry.

This partnership ensures that the fish aren’t the only sustainable part of Como Ceviche!; the business plan is as well.

“I’m anticipating great success with this unique eatery. It makes perfect sense that San Diego should feature a place where fresh ceviche is the focus,” says Lopez.

Anyone fishing around for the freshest seafood in San Diego should drop in to Como Ceviche!

Como Ceviche!
317 10th Ave., East Village