Griddle Me This


Photo: Brevin Blach
Words: Frank Sabatini Jr.

Hoping to catch a slice of the food-TV limelight in a world where hotdog-eating competitions and other portion-gorging events garner national media attention, one local restaurant has created a monster. In late January, Brian’s 24 in the Gaslamp will unveil its Pancake Monster-?ve buttermilk hot cakes, a half-pound each of ham and country-fried steak, four giant bacon strips and three sunny-side-up eggs, all piled onto a pound of home fries. “Our focus has always been on big comfort food,” says owner Brian Epstein, who conceived the ?ve-and-a-half-pound beast. “This dish takes it to the extreme.” So extreme, in fact, that the $25 entrée will be free for anyone who devours it in under an hour. (Are you listening, Food Network?)

Brian’s 24
828 Sixth Ave., Gaslamp