Get authentic, Italian eats at Farmer’s Bottega

Farmer’s Bottega is bringing a new farm-to-table dining experience to San Diego’s Mission Hills neighborhood. A concept from seasoned executive chef and artist Alberto Morreale, Farmer’s Bottega embraces a mix of traditional Italian and American-organic cuisine.

“Farmer’s Bottega is essentially an artist’s workshop bringing locally sourced cuisine to our community, with an artist’s presentation,” Morreale said.

This farm-to-table eatery boasts a menu featuring fresh and sustainable ingredients, including locally sourced meats, poultry and produce. With everything from house-made drinks to entrées, Farmer’s Bottega satisfies customers’ hunger for exceptional food while supporting the local community.

Having grown up in Sicily, Morreale incorporates Italian basics from his native Sicilian cuisine into the offerings at Farmer’s Bottega. Dishes are made with Mediterranean-cuisine staples such as fish and olive oil, as well as Arabic staples such as couscous and polenta.

Morreale has channeled his passion to create innovative dishes. His oxtail ravioli is the most popular dish at Farmer’s Bottega. He starts with lean oxtail and incorporates the freshest herbs and spices to produce a richly flavored ragu. For breakfast or brunch, the Short Rib Benedict is a must. It has a creamy chipotle-infused hollandaise sauce poured over tender, juicy short ribs, paired with house-made seasoned and roasted potatoes.

These fabulous dishes are just a glimpse of all that Farmer’s Bottega serves up -- from omelets to salads to flatbreads to gnocchi -- to delight palates.

“We offer a warm, inviting atmosphere with local craft beer on draft, freshly squeezed juices, fruit-infused mimosas, kambucha mojitos, and a unique selection of wine to go with our mouthwatering cuisine and desserts,” Morreale said.

Morreale is more than just a culinary artist. He is also drawn to designing décor and has used his passion and skills to showcase a vintage farmhouse aesthetic at Farmer’s Bottega, where reclaimed materials help give the eatery a unique look. A recycled butcher block serves as a counter, the insides of wine barrels create the light fixtures and old fence materials make up the bar.

The restaurant’s design also includes a 40-year-old table-top found in the ocean. Features such as the chicken heat lamps that have been turned into over-the-bar lighting and herb-filled boxes nestled on the restaurant’s wall help give the eatery an intimate feel.

Years of experience cooking all over the world allowed Morreale to fine-tune his techniques and his taste for quality. Originally from Palermo, Morreale moved to San Diego in 1995 after attending culinary school in Milan and working throughout Italy. Locally, he has cooked at Osteria Panevino, Osetra The Fishhouse, Greystone Steakhouse and La Focaccia Gourmet Pizza and Exotic Salads in Hillcrest. Morreale is also a co-owner of Fig Tree Cafe Hillcrest and Liberty Station.

Farmer’s Bottega is located at 860 West Washington St. in San Diego and is open for breakfast, brunch and dinner, seven days-a-week.

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Source: DiscoverSD