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Step into the word of dental luxury, a world of fantasy smiles and dazzling looks. This is where sexy meets performance, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to amazing you with a winning smile. If feeling good and looking your best are on your 2013 list of resolutions, call Dr. Tony Chammas for an appointment.

What separates the Harvard-trained Tony Chammas, DMD from his colleagues, making him among the best and most respected dentists in San Diego? The answer lies in how he treats and regards his patients.

“The care and service I provide are at the forefront of scientific and clinical advancement of cosmetic and implant dentistry,” says Dr. Chammas. “My patients deserve the best, and I give it to them, which is why they keep coming back.”

Having earned his Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree at Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Chammas sees patients at his office in an ultra-modern medical facility in the heart of the Sharp-Children’s Hospital medical complex in Kearny Mesa. His staff is attentive, talented and kind; modern sterilization equipment and digital x-ray technology (which reduces radiation exposure) are among the many high-tech tools they use in providing excellent treatment. Televisions are embedded in the ceiling above each dental chair, so patients can relax, recline and tune-out.

With nearly 20 years experience in specialty prosthodontics (think dentistry, but with prosthetic aid: veneers, implants and other tooth-colored / metal- free restorations), Dr. Chammas is able to help patients in ways that few other dentists in the nation can.

“Today’s dentistry provides several exciting options for designing smiles, placing veneers on discolored or misaligned teeth and replacing missing or broken ones with implants,” Dr. Chammas says. “At one time, people assumed that the only way to improve their smile was by wearing orthodontia or braces. Today, many adults are opting for veneers instead, and we offer this service in a state-of-the art dental center with an attention to detail you won’t find elsewhere.”

Whether you’re looking for a cosmetic makeover or major dental rehabilitation (or just need a cleaning, filling and whitening), this passionate, compassionate dentist has the resources to make your teeth look and feel the healthiest and most natural.

Call Dr. Chammas for a complimentary consultation today. Seeing San Diego’s best dentist, who can make your teeth look and feel the healthiest and most natural, is bound to make you smile.

Dr. Tony G. Chammas, DMD
Cosmetic prosthodontics & implant dentistry
7910 Frost Street, Ste. 160 San Diego, CA 92123