Batter Up


Photo: Brevin Blach
Words: Frank Sabatini Jr.

Named after its creator, Executive Chef Craig “Andy” Beardslee, Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken & Bacon Waf?e Tower at Hash House a Go Go is a foot-high balancing act: two chubby chicken breasts propped up by bacon-infused waf?es, topped with a tangled mane of crispy fried leeks and drizzled with maple reduction. When the popular Hillcrest restaurant opened on Fifth Avenue in 2000, this $18 monolith cast a national shadow-garnering exposure in The New York Times, on The Martha Stewart Show and on Food Network’s Chefs vs. City. (More recently the beast/feast appeared on the Travel Channel’s Bacon Paradise.) “It was our ?rst hit song, if you will,” says Hash House co-owner Johnny Rivera. “And we’ve been playing it ever since.”

No Weigh

Super Monster Burrito

(a nearly seven-pounder with your choice of ?llings)

Freebirds World Burrito
3958 Fifth Ave., Hillcrest

3 Lb. Burger Challenge

(six hamburger patties topped with 12 slices of cheese, two fried eggs and four bacon strips on a triple bun, served with cheesy tater tots)

The Corner Restaurant & Bar
369 10th Ave., East Village