A Verant Group Establishment, barleymash is the Gaslamp’s fun, high-energy restaurant and bar that celebrates American culture through progressive bar fare based on two barroom staples, beer and bourbon. Chef Kevin Templeton created the menu himself, designed the kitchen and utilizes his classic, upscale style of cooking to create fun, non-pretentious dishes.

At barleymash, the name refers to the typical grain mixture used in the brewing and distillation process of both beer and bourbon. From Stout-Braised Short Ribs to Car Bomb Cake, the notion of pairing ideas is omnipresent in both the menu and the aesthetic at barleymash.

The dining room includes three large communal tables, which foster a sense of gathering where deliciously innovative food, conversation and drink can be shared amongst friends and neighbors.

VIBE: Laidback, upscale, complements the Gaslamp scene with a warm, modernist design and feel.
SPECIALTY: Booze-infused menu items.
VARIETY: Burgers to barley pies.
AVERAGE $: $15 per entrée.

600 5th Ave., Gaslamp

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