Bacon Week: Praline croissant


Piled high with cubes of sugar-brined, house-smoked bacon and toasted pecans, this praline confection from Counterpoint packs a sweet punch from black pepper icing that soaks through layers of freshly baked croissant until it’s perfectly sticky. To be blunt: Sinking your teeth into this brunch time specialty is on par with supermodel sex. Except, there’s no hard work or expensive dates - just the promise of a $5 thrill. Now for the heartbreaker (because there always is one): it’s only available through the rest of the month, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. during weekend brunch.

But don’t totally freak out, the bacon at Counterpoint isn’t going anywhere. Its next starring role, in a waffle, will debut shortly on fall’s updated brunch menu.

830 25th St., Golden Hill. (619) 564-6722 or

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