What smells like heaven? Best cinnamon rolls in San Diego

There’s something about fall (even in San Diego) that makes us want to snuggle in a cocoon on the couch with a cup of warm coffee or tea and perhaps a special, sweet treat.

When I think fall desserts, I think pie and all those yummy goods - but what really makes me swoon is a cinnamon roll. The warm, gooeyness of a soft, sweet-yet-spiced roll is the bees knees. Simple as that. If you’re like us and love a good cinnamon bun, here’s where to go to satisfy the (now further intensified) craving of this awesome baked delicacy.

Bear Buns Bakery & Cafe

This bakery knows a thing or two about making delicious baked goodies, but it’s the classic cinnamon roll that stands out. It’s huge, gooey, warm, fresh and our go-to spot when in the area.

3251 Greyling Drive, Serra Mesa.

Café Gratitude

This vegan restaurant’s cinnamon roll is perfect for those looking for a healthy alternative to the regular roll. The “serene” dish is made with all plant-based ingredients, so there’s zero guilt here. Pro tip: Ask them to heat it up for you for maximum enjoyment.

1980 Kettner Blvd., downtown.


Cinnaholic has dialed in the cinnamon-roll-your-way game here in San Diego. You can mix up your standard treat by ordering a customized cinnamon roll, with your choice of over 10 different frosting and toppings, including options such as marshmallows, cookie dough and fresh berries.

4652 Mission Blvd., Pacific Beach or 1640 Camino Del Rio N., Mission Valley Mall, Mission Valley.

Con Pane Rustic Breads & Cafe

This bread shop handcrafts stellar breads of all kinds, and their cinnamon roll is no different. The brioche cinnamon roll is made with (yep, you guessed it) a brioche dough, house-made cream cheese glaze and can be ordered with or without raisins.

2750 Dewey Rd., Liberty Station.

Eclipse Chocolate Bar & Bistro

If you are in need of more than an ultra-sweet, bready dish, grab the egg and bacon cinnaroll from Eclipse. This roll provides a unique, savory take on the classic cinnamon roll. It’s baked fresh and topped with eggs-your-way and crunchy bacon.

2145 Fern St., South Park.

Urban Solace

This well-known roll, made by Chef Matt Gordon, is a must-try. It’s a hot buttermilk cinnamon roll topped with a thick, cream cheese icing. You can also add chocolate chips, chocolate sauce and other toppings, like their pecan sauce - if you dare.

3823 30th St., North Park.

Honorable mention: Breakfast Republic

It’s not exactly rolled up, but the cinnamon roll pancake from Breakfast Republic does the trick. It’s made with homemade cream cheese frosting swirled to look like a cinnamon roll and sprinkled with walnuts. You also have the option to top it with maple syrup, something we highly recommend doing.

2730 University Ave., North Park, or 2865 Sims Road, Suite 106, Liberty Station.

Source: Discover SD