North Park’s Nathan Odom WINS MasterChef Junior


Bachelorette Becca Tilley, a chiropractic practitioner currently on ABC’s The Bachelor, isn’t the only San Diegan making waves on reality TV.

Meet North Park’s Nathan Odom, 13, the winner of “MasterChef Junior,” a reality cooking competition for kids on Fox 5.

The season-three finale aired Tuesday night, and Nathan beat Andrew Zappley of New Jersey for the title of Masterchef Junior (and $100,000).

Filming has long since ended and Nathan is back at Roosevelt Middle School, but we caught up with the precocious chef before his big night:

DSD: So, How does it feel?

Nathan Odom: If feels great to be down to the final two, I didn’t expect to make it this far.

DSD: How did this all come about?

NO: I took a cooking class in 5th grade, saw the first season of MasterChef Junior, and said to myself, ‘Hey, I’m pretty good at cooking, I should audition’.

DSD: What is favorite thing to make?

NO: Tokyo-style ramen, like they serve in Japanese bars.

DSD: In the finale of MasterChef Junior, what are planning to bring to the table?

NO: Hopefully a little bit of humility, and maybe some sophistication.

DSD: Wow, that’s quite an answer for a 13 year old. I thought you were going to say an awesome ‘creme brûlée’.

Source: DiscoverSD