Meet Your Maker


When he’s not heading up brewing operations at Abnormal Beer Co. (the in-house brewery sharing space with Abnormal Wine Co. at top-tier RB restaurant The Cork and Craft), Derek Gallanosa teaches the principles of marketing to aspiring brewing-industry entrants via San Diego State University’s Business of Craft Beer Program. Long story short, dude schools people on beer... even in beer school.

Brandon Hernández: What’s it like sharing space with a full kitchen and a winery?
DEREK GALLANOSA: By having the brewery share the same space with an upscale restaurant and winery, we are able to expose Abnormal Beer Co. to more people. If visitors come for the food, they typically want to experience the other products made in-house. It is rare that we have a diner not indulge in either the house-made beer or wine.

What are some of the beers you’re proudest of producing?
I love making IPAs, not only because I love drinking them, but because others love drinking them as well. Whatever Abnormal Beer Co. IPA is on tap, it’s always our top seller of the day. One particular IPA that stands out is the Year One IIPA, made specially for our one-year anniversary. Because of the absurd amount of hops that were used to make that beer, it probably will not be made on a regular basis. But when it was on tap, it was the talk of the bar. I personally felt like I drank a whole keg by myself. And to top things off, it took bronze at the San Diego International Beer Competition in the second most-contested category.

What do you teach students at SDSU?
I teach Marketing Craft Beer twice a year. I lecture on marketing philosophies and how to apply them to craft beer. The main reason why I teach that class is to pass along the knowledge that I learned throughout my career and educate the future of the industry, making our workforce that much more educated. It’s rewarding and it motivates me to increase the quality of the class with every new batch of students. The future of the industry will only get better if we have educated and passionate people entering it. I’m just happy I can contribute.

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