Meatless Monday: Jackfruit tacos from Del Sur Mexican Cantina


A weekly feature highlighting tasty vegetarian-friendly dishes from restaurants across San Diego County.


What is it? Jackfruit tacos

Where is it from?
Del Sur Mexican Cantina

What’s in it? Adobe-marinated jackfruit, cabbage, poblano crema and chipotle aioli in a corn tortilla. The dish is also served with a side of Mexican rice and beans.

How much will it cost me? $14

Why we love it: Jackfruit offers a texture that is similar to meat with its own set of awesome health benefits. It’s tasty, different and something you don’t find on the menu at most taco shops, or restaurants in general. Vegetarians and vegans who are tired of the standard Mexican fare - typically a combination of just rice, lettuce, beans and avocado - should try out this taco. The flavors of chipotle aioli and poblano crema pair flawlessly with the adobe-marinated jackfruit - all wrapped up in a fresh, handmade corn tortilla. This meat-free dish is one you won’t want to skip if you find yourself in the South Park area.


2310 30th St., South Park.