Meatless Monday: The caprese from Grater Grilled Cheese


What is it? The caprese

Where is it from? Grater Grilled Cheese

What’s in it? A five-cheese blend, tomato, fresh basil, balsamic vinegar glaze and pesto aioli all on artisan sourdough bread

How much will it cost me? $7.50

Why we love it? A good grilled cheese will never go out of style. With the colder weather taking San Diego by storm, a warm and gooey, upgraded grilled cheese is simply ideal. The thick sourdough bread is grilled to perfection and topped with a secret blend of melted cheeses. The cheese is dressed with tomatoes, basil and two sauces: pesto aioli and balsamic vinegar glaze. These dressings really round out the dish, boasting a unique flavor profile that provides a not-too-dry grilled cheese experience. We are crazy about this ‘wich because it brings something special to the standard bread and cheese delicacy, making for a completely delicious meat-free meal.

5618 Mission Center Road, Suite 1002, Mission Valley or 723 Pearl St., La Jolla.


Find out about the new Grater Grilled Cheese opening in Del Mar, here.