Meatless Monday: Vegan sausage plate from Mastiff Sausage Co.


A weekly feature highlighting tasty vegetarian-friendly dishes from restaurants across San Diego County.

Today’s recommendation:

What is it? Vegan sausage plate

Where is it from? Mastiff Sausage Company

What’s in it? Vegan sausage links, quinoa, broccolini, onion ring and pickled vegetables

How much will it cost me? $13

Why we love it? Quality, handmade vegan sausage is hard to come by. Often, it’s just pseudo sausage that comes from a frozen, store-bought box that restaurants heat up and serve to us as their vegan product (Thanks, but no thanks.) Mastiff’s take on the veggie sausage is treated with as much care as their meat-based product and, consequently, is one of their most popular dishes at their North Park hub. It’s a soy-based vegan sausage, full of flavors akin to a delicious sausage dish. It’s chewy, not too dry and a great substitute menu option for vegetarians or vegans to enjoy without sacrificing flavor. It is prepared atop a healthy bed of quinoa with a side of grilled broccolini, a tasty onion ring and traditional, pickled veggies. We highly recommend pairing this veggie delicacy with a Wildfire Wit or a Granada Belgian Pale on tap at the brewery.

This dish can be purchased at the Mastiff Sausage Company located inside of North Park Beer Co. at 3038 University Ave., North Park.