Ways to trim the fat in 2018


Let’s face it, muffin tops look good on one thing only: the stumps of muffins. The San Diego foodie scene had a big year in 2017, with scores of restaurants and food trucks opening, causing locals to crave dishes from Peru to Korea, and eat everything in their path. Literally.

For many, the unhappy side effect of this 365 day gastroganza is as clear as the reflection in the mirror. (Go on, look.) Waistlines are bulging, bikinis are leaving indentations, and jeans ... WTH, did they shrink?!

Frustrating as it may be entering 2018 in a new weight class, there is a solution. Here are a few simple and doable eating resolutions to jump start that once-svelte body back into business and get you feeling healthier than ever.

Cut back on the bacon and pork belly: It sounds like blasphemy, but you don’t need bacon on every single thing you eat, seriously. And pork belly, dear pork belly. In case you didn’t know, it’s just uncured and unsmoked bacon. In other words, just because something sounds cool or trendy doesn’t mean you need to order it every week. Unless you are loving that new spare tire around your middle, it’s time to cut back.

Replace red meat with fresh fish and sushi (but don’t go overboard): Fish are loaded with healthy fats, like Omega-3s for heart and brain health, and are great sources of protein. But don’t jump headfirst into the ocean just yet. With all of the Fukushima radioactive contamination and mercury worries, keep your intake moderate to around two times per week and stay away from high danger fish, like Pacific salmon, mackerel, swordfish and tuna (yes, that means ahi and bigeye), before you end up with a third ear.

Go meatless once a week: Catholics and vegetarians have this one in the bag, but for everyone else, going meatless might be a struggle. The good news is there is a gastronomic surplus of delicious veggie eats out there, from faux meats (for those who really struggle with conversion) to all-out raw burgers and tacos. Add to that the positive impact on the Earth’s environment, and there’s a lot to feel good about each week. Check out this Rescued Vegetable Burger, a collaboration by Mendocino Farms and Pressed Juicery.

Ease up on the booze: Yes, we live a mecca of craft beer, and yes it is some of the best beer in the world. No argument there. But downing four IPA’s or even one large format Imperial stout every night is packing on the pounds quicker than you can say hops and malts. Remember high alcohol can equal high calories. And cocktail lovers aren’t excused either. As delicious and eye catching as all of the craft cocktails are, the sugar load is killing your chances of maintaining weight. Too much sugar means the f-word. Fat, that is. Limit high sugar spirits like rum and bourbon, and opt for leaner cocktails with clear spirits, minus the fruit juices, sodas, and simple syrups. And, if happy hour is a must, try these healthier options.

Go green: When in doubt, eat a salad. Drink a green juice. Order the asparagus. Green veggies are the wonderchild of the food world, loaded with an array of vitamins and minerals, and acting as roughage to scour out the yuckies in the tummy tract. Eat a combination of raw and cooked greenies (look for that moment in cooking when the veggies turn vibrant green for optimum chlorophyll) and make it at least half of your plate at each meal. Your body and waistline will thank you.