Do Me a Flavor



It’s alive! Or rather, they’re alive! “They” being the 96 yeast strains that went into this monster of a beer. Typically, one or maybe two yeast strains are used to ferment a beer, but with this tall, dark, outlandish imperial stout, the mad scientists at Beeramar-based White Labs (the world’s No. 1 yeast-production company) dared to see what would happen if they pitched all their yeast varieties simultaneously and let them battle for supremacy. The result is a bold, complex brew with more personality than Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde put together.

White Labs
9495 Candida St.,

Easy Up Pale Ale

It took 21 years to get their beers into a can, but Coronado Brewing finally offers its core brews in snazzy aluminum emblazoned with an updated iteration of its iconic mermaid logo. But that’s not the only first this seaside stalwart is celebrating. Believe it or not, CBC has never packaged a pale ale... until now. Botanically bolstered by Cascade and Mandarina Bavaria hops, it’s piney, citrusy and as perfect as the can it comes in is for San Diego’s sunny season.

Coronado Brewing Co.
multiple locations