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RP15 is a common form of rocket fuel, making it a fitting moniker for this punishing, 15-percent alcohol-by-volume monster. An artisanal take on malt liquor (move over, Mickey’s), it was brewed with
imported malts and brown rice. Rice is the basis for many an “adjunct beer” (ales or lagers made with something other than grains such as rice or corn), while additional flavor is imparted by Belgian yeast and Candi Syrup, plus a lengthy rest on cherry- wood chips. Sit back and enjoy this brew in a snifter... or straight from its stylish logo-adorned Champagne bottle (brown paper bag optional).

Wavelength Brewing Co.
236 Main St., Vista



Picture a roomful of brewers - of both coffee and beer - huddled together, sampling and savoring cup after cup of carefully sourced and roasted java, searching for the perfect variety to sync with the citrusy hop notes of a West Coast IPA. Such was the scene when the neighbors, friends and colleagues from Mostra Coffee and Second Chance Beer selected lightly roasted Ethiopian beans for this stellar coffee-infused brew. The result is a refined India pale ale that smells like a barista station during AM rush hour and tastes like a beer bar at the height of happy hour.

Second Chance Beer Co.
15378 Avenue of Science, Ste. 222, Carmel Mountain