Coming to a Head


Intergalactic Brewing Company

After three years of operating within smaller confines, the owner of this Beeramar-based nanobrewery (a label soon to be shaken off) has moved his bar, taps and cold-box into a large, stand-alone spot on the opposite side of his original business-park digs. The result is the same stellar brews being poured in delightfully sci-fi-themed environs with more elbowroom. It’s one giant leap for beer-nerd kind.

9715 Carroll Centre Rd., Ste. 107

Little Miss Brewing

After hiring a veteran brewer from Green Flash Brewing Company to head up its fermentation program, this interest’s ownership team - which runs multiple bars in the Southwest - is looking to mix things up. Instead of going the standard brewery-tasting-room route, they’ll build satellite tasting rooms that blur the line between bar, arcade and adult rec-room.

Locations TBA
7949 Stromesa Ct., Ste. Y, Miramar