Where to get your waffle on in San Diego


While pancakes and French toast are undoubtedly staples within the breakfast and brunch scene, we gotta honor one of our favorite b-fast pastimes: the waffle. Whether topped with syrup, fruit or bacon, the waffle stands out as one of our favorite carb-y treats that cannot be beat.

With Waffle Day quickly coming up on Saturday, March 25, we have gathered the very best of San Diego’s waffles that you oughta be eating for the occasion.
Wow Wow Waffle: Number Seven
OK, this pick from Wow Wow Waffle may be called the Number Seven, but it is so their No. 1 waffle in our books. It features a delicious, golden waffle topped with bacon baked in brown sugar, with avocado and goat cheese. It’s a little sweet, mainly savory and something you will come back for time and time again.

Wow Wow Waffle, 3519 30th St., North Park.

Great Maple: Johnny’s Lolliwaffles
Lolliwaffles? Yep, the unique-shaped waffle is a staple at Great Maple (don’t mind my rhyme) and the four dipping sauces make it all the sweeter. This breakfast treat is served with caramel, whipped cream, raspberry sauce and lemon curd. With all those choices, you’re bound to fall in love with one (or more).

Great Maple, 1451 Washington St., University Heights.

The Waffle Spot: Bacon(filled) Waffle & Eggs
For a reimagined traditional waffle, head to The Waffle Spot San Diego. The classic-style restaurant in Mission Valley offers a bacon-filled waffle, topped with two farm-fresh eggs and a slice of bacon. What more can a bacon lover ask for?

The Waffle Spot San Diego, 1333 Hotel Circle South, Mission Valley.

Lighthouse Ice Cream & Yogurt: Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich
Albeit not your standard waffle for breakfast, we love heading to Lighthouse for a waffle ice cream sandwich when the sweet tooth hits hard. Ask for your favorite ice cream (our personal favorite) in between delicious waffles and stroll to the beach, about 400 feet away from this little shop.

Lighthouse Ice Cream & Yogurt, 5059 Newport Ave., Suite 102, Ocean Beach.

Cafe 222: Pumpkin Waffle
If strolling for a brunch in the downtown area, head to Cafe 222. This place has some outstanding waffle options; however, the go-to for us is the pumpkin waffle. Call us basic, but it tastes just like a pumpkin pie, is topped with pecans and cinnamon, and that is something we are more than OK with getting behind.

Cafe 222, 222 Island Ave., Gaslamp District.

The Huddle: Chicken and Waffles
You probably knew this one was coming, but for a chicken and waffle lover, The Huddle is where it’s at. Enjoy a traditional-style waffle topped with crispy, fried chicken and a side of maple syrup. This diner-style waffle is sure to become a regular in your waffle rotation once you get a taste.

The Huddle, 4023 Goldfinch St., Mission Hills.

Kensington Cafe: Honey Gone Nuts Waffle
A quaint spot for waffle lovers, Kensington Cafe offers waffle options of all kinds, from a seasonal waffle that rotates as the seasons do, to our favorite the Honey Gone Nuts Waffle. This sweet breakfast waffle is topped with decadent candied walnuts, honey and bananas. Pro tip: add bacon.

Kensington Cafe, 4141 Adams Ave., Kensington.