Celebrate bacon with beer and more bacon


No, there won’t be turkey bacon (the organizers refuse to acknowledge its existence). And, no, there will be no vegetarian options.

Be prepared to partake in the saltiness and smokiness from the belly of the porker with an entire day filled with bacon and beer at the San Diego Bacon Fest.

VIP guests can get in a whole 90 minutes before everyone else to sample the beer and food, plus they get a Brew Sling to hold their beer around their neck while they eat.

Some of the types of food available on site include Greek, sushi, burgers (made with bacon), cupcakes and hot dogs, along with a slew of breweries. The samples are unlimited, so eat and drink to your heart’s content. (Must be 21 or older to attend, and no designated driver admission is available.)

San Diego Bacon Fest: Noon to 5 p.m. Saturday. Preble Field at NTC Park, 2600 Cushing Road, Liberty Station in Point Loma. $55-$90.