Alcohol delivered right to your door in San Diego


When you’re in the mood for some booze, it may be helpful to know that you don’t even have to step out of your house to grab it. Much like the ever-popular Uber Eats and Grubhub, alcohol delivery, via apps and websites, is now a thing that is on the up-and-up in San Diego.

So, where can you order alcohol delivery from? There are a few solid options to choose from in San Diego, actually.


As mentioned, Postmates is a popular delivery service that users can utilize for food, groceries and personal items, so it only makes sense that alcohol has now been added to their list. To celebrate its recent addition of alcohol delivery, the company is enticing customers with free delivery for the month of April. Customers can choose from wine, beer and liquors of all kinds on the app or website.


Launched in May 2016, Drizly is another popular go-to option for alcohol brought straight to your door-step. The company delivers to a wide variety of neighborhoods in San Diego. You can look up specific beer options (not from breweries directly) by style and by brand name, and the same goes for wine and alcohol.


One of the original alcohol delivery services in San Diego is Saucey, who promises delivery within 20 to 40 minutes of placing an order. The alcohol prices on Saucey include delivery, so they may look a little steep while browsing on the app. One of the most unique features on this service is the ability to order a mixologist to come to your home for a party. That’s an expert party host move, for sure.


Lastly, Amazon delivers alcohol, too. Those looking for booze delivery do have to have an Amazon Prime account membership prior to using the Prime Now service. That is the one caveat to this service. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can use the service and get $8 for a one-hour delivery and it’s free for a two-hour delivery window if you have some time to spare.


If beer is your preferred alcoholic beverage, Crafthounds is a great option for your delivery needs. The company allows you to search their database of over 4,000 beers to find what you’re looking for, in addition to providing the real-time prices that are offered at stores near you. This service is a go-to for craft beer lovers that can’t make it to the store to browse bottles of their favorite brews. To receive free delivery, use the code “PACIFICSANDIEGO”.


Get $5-off your first order and your choice of booze, wine or beer delivered to your home or business. Sold. Minibar partners with local liquor stores in San Diego to make sure the goods are delivered with care straight to your door. Shop a selection of popular alcohol, wine and beer brands being purchased, or search for exactly what you’re looking for.